use video in the classroom

Videos are a great tool for classroom instruction, especially for anyone interested in flipping their classroom instruction. BUT sometimes videos can be frustrating, especially YouTube videos with younger students, but follow these tips to streamline using video in the classroom.

Show YouTube Videos with no ads or thumbnails

So, here is a great way to watch YouTube videos in the classroom without worrying about what strang thumbnail or ad might pop up. SafeShare TV allows you to paste the URL of the YouTube video you want into a box and then watch the video directly from that site. No ads, no pop-ups, no suggestions of other videos to watch. You can also download the video from this site as well. Once the video is downloaded, you can upload it to your Drive and share it with your students and parents.

Another way to clean up youTube for classroom use

Clean Tube 2.0 is a Firefox extension that hides all the ads, sidebar videos and comments in YouTube.  See the picture below?  Now you can watch a video directly within YouTube without worrying about strange or inappropriate videos or comments popping up.  If you don't know how to get an extension on Firefox, please click HERE which shows you how to enable the YouTube downloader extension, but it is the same procedure.  

downoad videos to view without internet!

The second option is KeepVid which allows you to download to paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to watch into a box and then download it into a variety of types. Here is a LINK to a video showing you how to use SafeShare TV.

Download YouTube Video directly within YouTube

This extension adds an arrow to the bottom of your YouTube video that allows you to download directly to your computer.  It is a bit easier than KeepVid!  This LINK will give you step-by-step instructions!  

Convert any video to another format

Zamzar is a file conversion site that you can use to upload one type of video and convert it to another. So if you have a Quicktime video and want to convert it to an mp4, then you can convert it via Zamzar.

Google drive

Did you know that you can upload videos into Google Drive? First you need to use KeepVid to download the video, and then upload the to Google Drive. Once the video is uploaded, you can use the big blue SHARE button to share the video with your students. Your students can then watch the video at home and discuss it the next day in class.

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