6 Grade Trip

21 May 2014

Last week and this week we were  making a conversation with all the class and some parents to choose where we were going to go to the end of 6 grade. We talked at recess, lunch and parents meetings.

It was a very mess, some parents said Pulhapansac and some parents said Amapala. Some 6 grade kids said Amapala like me, but other kids said Pulhapansac because it had a waterfall and the Amapala kids said because it had a big beach and the hotel had a pool.

First after having some tals we were going to go to Pulhapansac but then Chavez mom came and said it was better to go to Amapala and parents confirm that we were going to Amapala. The only reason Chavez mom said to go to Amapala was that she never known Amapala, thats what I heard in the class. But Im am still happy, because the only thing I want is to pass time with the class.

The good thing is that I will sleep in the same room with Andres and mines dad and Andre, Pecacamia!!