Concentration Camps

Concentration camps took place during the years 1939-1942. They came in right after Hitler became chancellor in 1933.  There was different sizes of camps, the larger ones were in Oranienburg, north of Berlin, Esterwegen, near Hamburg, and much more.  The SS gained independence from the SA in 1934 and Himmler was the leader of the SS in which he then administered the concentration camps.   

In 1937 there was only four concentration camps, Dachau, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, and Lichtenburg.

In 1938-1939 new concentration camps were added because of the numbers increasing.  Also, when WW2 started more concentration camps were added.

-Alice Lok Cahana describes her feelings of her experience in one of the concentration camps.

This photo captures what it looked like to live in a concentration camp. When you look closely you will see the depressed, hungry faces that lie upon them. Each and every one of them had to crowd together and sleep in the same beds.

Nazi's established 40,000 and concentration camps

Prisoners with a higher social status were given better places to work; indoors


-The camps had the Jewish stay in brick or wooden barracks.

-There was leaky roofs and straw mattresses.

-They struggled with health conditions and received 1,300 calories a day, but the hard labor people received 1,700 calories.

-Over ten hours a day of working.

This picture shows the beds they lived in, in the concentration camps.

The following map shows all the concentration camps that were in Germany.

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