Atmosphere: Keagan Suton

1.The atmosphere has the gasses that we can breath.

The atmosphere is made up of gasses. The most common is Nitrogen which makes up 78% of our atmosphere. Next common gas is the one we use to breath oxygen it makes up 21%. The last is a mixture of gasses the least common makes up 15 of our atmosphere.

2. The atmosphere protects us from the suns radiation.

The sun blasts rays of radiation towards the earth and if it weren't for the Stratosphere the rays would make the world very hot.

3.  The atmosphere acts like a Blanket.

It keeps the heat in and the cold of space out. It keeps it warm so living things to live.

4. The Green house effect.

The Green house effect is where the suns rays that are not stopped by the atmosphere go towards the earth and plants and water use them and the heat goes up into the atmosphere. Creating heat for our planet. But the problem is that humans are making to much of the gasses and the world will get extremely hot.   

5. Storms comes up in our atmosphere.

Water vapor from our oceans, lakes and rivers evaporates in our atmosphere and creats rain.

6. The  Mesophere

The Mesosphere is very important it protects us from meteors that without it the world would be a ruin. The meteors barn up from the friction and and the temperature.

7. The layers temperature in the atmosphere.

In the Troposphere gets colder, in the Stratosphere it gets warmer, Mesosphere gets colder and the Themosphere gets the hottest.

8. Pressure

The pressure is the greatest down on the ground we live on. But as you get higher it has less pressure and less air.

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