Let's Chat about West Farms...

  1. Check out this map of West Farms. We will discuss the boundaries, why they exist, etc.
  2. We're going to discuss what you think of when you think of West Farms. Be ready to share out ideas.
  3. We'll brainstorm a list of resources you can use to research West Farms. (We will add these to Edmodo!) :)
  4. You will use those resources to search, find, and turn-in to Edmodo the following terms:
  5. Use those resources to find and save images of:
  6. 1 building that exists today and existed in [insert historic era]

    1 building that existed in [insert historic era] and no longer exists

    1 street that’s name has changed

    the oldest building in the neighborhood that is still standing & its date

    1-2 proposed places to visit

    6. Give yourself and Ms. Beth a high-five and do a boogie in your seat!