the blue ringed octopus

how they mate

The male blue ringed octopus starts the mating ritual by crassing the femals head with his tenticals. He then grabs onto her mantal and inserts his hectocotylus into a cavity on her mantal. When the are mating the male will often cover the femals eyes and she won't be able to see anything while mating. Once the femal has had enough she will remove the male with force if nececary. Two months after mating the male dies and soon after the eggs are hatched the femal will also die.

During the blue ringed octopus mating season the male will pretty much mate with anything in their own species regardless of sex or size.


The blue ringed octopus lives in shallow rock pools and sandy streachers with lots of seaweed. They live mostly on the cost of Australia but can be found in some parsific islands. The environment holds a bit of pressure on them to reproduce as it is a reasonably hostile especially to very small creatures such as octopi.  


The development of the blue ringed octopus is done viviparity. The female will lay 50-100 eggs and keep them tucked under her tentacle until they hatch which is around 50 days. During that 50 day the mother will not eat and shortly after her young are born she will die.  

parental care

The mother will provide a lot of parental care while they are still developing eggs, but the mother dies so she can not provide parental care. That is why the blue ringed octopus lays a clutch of 50-100 eggs so that at least some will survive. With no parental care when they hatch, and living in the hostile environment that they do it is quite often the case that most of the young will die at quite a young age.

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