The Story of the Mine Shaft

Hi everyone on the holidays I went to that place it is called Forest Creek Historic Gold Diggings.

This is the Ruston Hornsby Gas Suction Engine it is still there today!!! It was used to pump the water to the outlet nozzle.

This is the maze  we done we had a race and my dad is going to get us some pans so we can go gold digging to.

Here are the challenges you have to complete

Get from one of the outer entrances to the center.

Get out to the over entrance.

Return to the first entrance without going though the center.

Find the rock with the steel rod in it.

Find the Granite with the largest  round hole in it.

Find the sandstone with the 4 quartz stripped across it.

Find the only sandstone in the quartz circle.


Big Dundee jock was a miner who struck it rick around here the word soon got around and one night a blackguard named Pete attempted to steel his gold jock saved his gold but lost most of his teeth he did not trust banks so he went to Melbourne and had his gold made into teeth,to replace the knocked out ones.   

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