My Tackk!!

The present that I received from Wayne Gates,

who is deputy chief of Superior North EMS.

It is worth emulating his spirit of self-sacrifice.

  • My name - Jihye Kim
  • Current city - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Hometown - Seoul, S.Korea
  • Education - Undergraduate, I majored in English Literature.
  • Work Experience - I only had a part time job at cafe.
  • Likes and Interests - Basically, I like to be idle and watch TV all day and   I like cooking, eating and reading too. Also, I like watching movies and TV series. The movie "White Chicks", "To Rome With Love" and America TV series program "Modern Family" is my favorite watching. The movie "The Heat" was best movie I've seen recently. I have attached to trailer of "To Rome With Love" and "The Heat". In addition, my favorite novel is "The Scarlet Letter" written by Nathaniel Hawthorne and I'm big fan of contemporary english literature too. I like dogs too very much!
  • Goals - My biggest goal is to visit a lot of diffrent countries, and I want to live happily and without any worries.

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