Nicolaus Copernicus


Nicolaus Capernicus was 70 years old when he passed away. He was born in Torun, Poland. His Nationality is Polish. He was the youngest out of four children. Andreas Barbara, and Kathrina.

His physical Appearance i would describe as, small (5' 6") long black hair, asymmetrical face, and a long bridged nose.

Nicolaus Copernicus was a Polish astronomer. He learnt mathematics and painting in his early years. He received education in medicine at the University of Padua where Galileo used to teach. His uncle had taken him in after his father had died. His uncle was well off with money and insured that Nicolaus had a good education.

Copernicus was a very smart. He could have been anything he wanted and chose to be and astronomer. He created the Heliocentric model, which concludes that the earth rotates around an object.

He impacts us today because he made it possible to discover other stuff about our earth in space.

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