Tony Sarg
              By Ella Brennaman

The picture shows Tony designing one of his marionettes.


Explanation of why he is famous                         

Tony Sarg is famous because he is known for his work with marionettes and puppets. When Tony was a little boy he always thought of himself as a marionette man.He made them so life like that he started to get noticed. A couple of years later he got an offer from Macy’s to put on a parade with his marionettes. The parade went so well that they decided to have one every year. But there were so many people that not everyone could see. So Tony created the idea to make the balloons out of silk rubber so they could be lighter. He also decided to put helium and the puppet sticks on the bottom. This had never been done before and Tony had made history. Every year after 1924 Macy’s has put on a parade every Thanksgiving using Tony’s ideas.


Tony Sarg was born in Coban, Guatemala on April 21, 1880 . When he was a little boy he loved to make things move. He told his parents that he was a marionette man when he was six. He moved to London and discovered no one made marionettes any more. So, Tony started to make marionettes look so life like that people began to take notice. He moved to New York and his marionettes began performing on Broadway. Macy’s heard about his marionettes and asked him to put on a parade on Thanksgiving. He built floats and got animals from the zoo. The parade went so well that Macy’s asked him to do a parade every year. Since the crowd was so big not everyone could see. So, Tony decided to make bigger floats out of rubber. The puppets moved by wooden sticks that people held above their heads and they moved. This made the puppets look like they were walking. Tony then decided to make them out of silk rubber instead of rubber to make them lighter. He filled the balloons out of helium so they could float in the air and everyone could see them. It was something new and it worked! The balloons rose into the air and it was all a success. Ever since 1924 there has been a parade on every Thanksgiving.

Early Life

Tony was born in Coban, Guatemala on April 21, 1880 to an English mother and a German father. When Tony was 7 their family moved to Germany where Tony attended Darmstadt school. When Tony Sarg was little he loved to make things move. One day he didn’t want to do his chores so he made an invention that fed his chickens while Tony sat in bed. At age 14 he entered the German Military Academy. After he served, Tony moved to England and that is where he became interested into marionettes and puppets. He started showing people his drawings and they really liked them. Unfortunately his family had to move back to Germany, but if Tony went he would have to stop his marionette making. Luckily, a week after Tony received a call from Macy’s asking him to present a parade on Thanksgiving. A month after he moved to New York and that is where is success really began.

Tony Sarg was born on April 21, 1880 in Coban, Guatemala.

This is one of the puppets that Tony Sarg designed. He thought of the idea to make them out of silk rubber and put helium in them. Tony also created the idea to put sticks to control the puppet, underneath it because it would make it look like the puppet was moving. Tony used this puppet in the Macy’s day parade. It was one of his first puppets with helium, made from silk rubber, and with the sticks on the bottom.

Challenges, successes, accomplishments

When Tony Sarg was 16 he endured some challenges. He was forced by law to join the army. During this time, he had just started his marionette career and this held him back. But fortunately he was only in the army for a couple of months. This still put him behind schedule. People started to forget about him, but once Tony started to make his marionettes again they remembered him right away. Now this is only an obstacle Tony also had many successes. One was he was the first person ever to think of the idea to put heliums in puppet balloons. These balloons caught everyone's eye when they were in the air. Tony also designed all of the puppets for the Macy’s day parade. Another great idea he had was to put the sticks underneath the puppets to control them. This made them look like they were doing an action, for example walking or moving.


*Tony Sarg was in the army

*He only had one son named Charles

*Tony Sarg learned the art of woodcutting from his grandpa.


“This is an optical illusion that is hard to explain. The figures appear much larger than they actually are.” -Tony Sarg

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