Tools of the trade

Alvaro lopez peiod. 5


Edmodo is a tool that is used in schools through out america, teachers can also use edmodo to post can use this tool to turn in missing assignments.The benifits of using edmodo is that if you forget your homework then you can go on edmodo and see what work is posted.


remind is a safe place for teachers to message students and parents.You use remind to text your teachers about questions you have about class that day or what you have to do for homework.Also, some of the benifits of using remind are that your teachers can also contact your parents to tell them how good or bad you've been doing in class lately. is tool that anyone can use to put their ideas to use. People use to create infographics which can say exactly what you want it to say.Some of the benifits of using are that if you are doing a presentation would look really impresive.

tackk is a free, site that allows students and teachers to create individual tackks. Tackk can be used with or without registration and can also be easily shared with other media sites like edmodo, Facebook and Twitter. Tackk is also linked with Google.Some of the benifits of tackk are that tackk is easy to use, its free, and its easy for students and teachers to create presentations.

The IB design cycle

A Inquiring and analyzing- explain the need for a solution to a problem.            (Example: My tv has a crack in it and i need to save money to fix it)

B Developing ideas- Develop accurate and detailed planning diagrams.                            (Example: I will save up money by cutting people's lawns and look up people who can fix computers then when i have saved enough money i will pay the person i looked up to fix the computer)

C Creating the solution- Follow the plan to create the solution                                           (Example: after 1 month of saving up I have enough money to pay someone fix my computer.)

D Evaluating- Critically evaluate the success of the solution                                              (Example: I check to see how well he/she fixed the tv and if it was worth the price I had to pay)

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