Spotfire Provides Powerful Information Analysis

Spotfire, Spotfire in Exploration and Completion


Spotfire Provides Powerful Information Analysis

CHARLOTTE, N.C., (December 17, 2013) – It is truly the information age, as the amount of information in the world doubles every two years. That information represents power, but only if it analyzed correctly.

TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics software takes raw information and turns it into the power you need to make your business more profitable. The software empowers end users to freely explore their data, giving them the power to instantly visualize, mashup, interact with, and share data at any level of detail.

Spotfire offers interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and predictive analytics. Spotfire provides an astonishingly fast, intuitive, and flexible environment for visualizing and analyzing your data. Spotfire helps users answer pressing questions, uncover answers to questions they did not know they had, and even anticipate what happens next.

Because Spotfire is an enterprise-class platform, it speeds users from insight to action with cutting-edge capabilities such as dimension-free data exploration, data mash-up, and contextual collaboration allowing enterprises to make the most of emerging trends, take preemptive action, and achieve a competitive advantage.

What does all this mean to the user? Incredible power at your fingertips to see inside the data, finding trends that no one else sees.

Spotfire is a great fit for business users looking to perform visual and exploratory analysis of data residing in disparate systems like, SAP, Oracle, Excel, Access or SQL Server databases. Spotfire saves users enormous amounts of time that could have been spent analyzing data and therefore can deliver higher ROI within a short timeframe.

Spotfire is a cutting edge interactive visual data solution that many highly competitive companies are using to their advantage. Spotfire can handle large and small data sets and allows users to create visualizations to spot trends, patterns, and anomalies that can influence business decisions and result in greater productivity. Spotfire is typically introduced into an organization for:

Highly interactive visuals and dashboards

Lightning fast ad-hoc analysis

Business IntelligencePredictive Analytics

You can Spotfire “everything” - never bother with spreadsheets or printouts in a meeting…always ‘Spotfire’! Spotfire will provide insight to answers much faster than you’d glean from Excel, while remaining several times faster than traditional BI. If you want reports that are linked, if you want reports where you can ‘add dimensions’ to your analysis on the fly, look at Spotfire. Spotfire in exploration and completion – exploration of data and completion of projects – will take information and use it to give y ou the power to be more profitable, on time and on task than you competitors. Simply point your browser to to get the information you need to transform information to the power of performance.

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