Mandela the Shadow of Mankind

Emma Bland

Mandela The Shadow of Mankind

By: Emma Bland

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the humans heart then its opposite.”-Nelson Mandela.

And although many people didn't like him very much, he the true underdog made it to the top with only, pride, persistence, some help from the faithful people of his town, and that heart that was taught to love! His life had ups and downs but in the end he did not only save his own life but he saved and improved the lives of others! That is why ladies and gentlemen I would like to award Nelson Mandela with the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award! He has qualified to win this award because he Saved, Improved, and enriched the lives of others, through the protection and promotion of human rights and work to deliver social reform.

It all started one rainy afternoon, Mandela was told
to run with the blacks but… he. ran. with. the. \^/!-!ITE$!!! He was arrested that day. The few friends that he did have in school dared not to look when he was taken away.

While in jail he found the world was smaller on the inside. He made people happy even in jail. He was there for 27 years and still stayed strong. One of his sons died in a car accident while he was in jail, but Mandela had no way of knowing that since he was in jail. He was sad and broken down, but then, he found out that people knew he was in jail and wanted to get him out! They started voting on getting him out! Then he decided that that was his motivation, the people cared so he decided that he was made to help people and make them happy! People had protests to get him out of jail, and not only blacks protested.

Whites also protested. The whites that protested thought differently than the whites that didn’t want him out of jail. Most all of the blacks that protested got sent to jail or killed, but the whites didn’t so that made a real impact because they got to keep going with the protests and didn't get arrested. People were also protesting about other things. All the protests that were going on about him led to many protests that helped blacks get the rights they needed, wanted, and deserved. About a month after he found out that people were protesting.(on Independence Day) He was let out of jail. To… to see the president of South Africa, apparently he wanted to talk to Mandela.??? President Botha was the one who let him out of jail he also let many other Africans out of jail. He believed in black rights and FREEDOM. While out of jail Nelson Mandela worked with Botha to free other black South Africans. He was free. Mandela was free!!!

It reminded him of when he was little and his mother had told him that someday he would be free. And that when he was he would be inspired to help other people feel the winds of the free life, with the same rights as the people that were too greedy to let other people have the same rights. That was one of the reasons they put up with it so well, because they knew that those people are so terrible so why would they want to be anything like them?

His mother had said on July 18, 1918 when he was born she was the happiest woman on earth. About 6 years later he was going to school. He and every other African kid with no rights went to school at 6:00am every day and stay until 5:00pm. And that was just kindergarden!!! School was somewhat of a luxury for black South Africans. In school Mandela managed to get a degree in law. But sadly at the age of sixteen he and his friends had lost hope… they could no longer go to school. That last year when he was about 16, he was in school for his last year and he chose to run with the whites and not the blacks. He managed to get his degree but still was taken off to jail for what will be one of his most tragic yet best learning experience he will have for his whole life.

And that leads me right to his impact. In jail he had time to think and understand that there were ways he could change the world and not wait for something to change for him, he. could. change. the. WORLD!!! And he thought maybe he could teach others his ways he would make an impact! He decided he’d already made an impact just what he’d done so far was an impact. He hadn’t planned it had happened naturally. He was born to make the world a better place! He would make the world better. Mandela would be the great Man to leave his mark on Mankind. And that is why boys and girls I would like to nominate Nelson Mandela for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award. Thank You! Thank You!

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