Character: Gatsby

Gatsby and his luxuries: Gatsby was not born a from a wealthy family but from poor farmers. He told himself he would be someone someday and he made it happen. Gatsby left his home at 16 and met Dan Cody where Dan taught Gatsby all he wanted to know about royalty and money. How to act, dress, and be rich. After the First time he met Daisy his Journey was completely changed. He did everything for her with out her even knowing he existed the last 5 years. He bought his mansion across the bay from hers. He had a fantasy in his head of having her and spending his life with her. He was a hopeless romantic and he ended up dying for the women he loved. Nick the Narrator always told Gatsby "you cant repeat the past" but Gatsby always said differently. He ended up dying trying to repeat the past.

By: Jenna Frank


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