Creating a Caring Classroom

Positive Relationships

-Find interest in their students.

-Getting to know students as individuals helps them feel they are valued.

-Balance an attitude of friendliness.

-Keep trying to reach your students.

-watch what you say.

-Introduce students into each other.

Engage with your student learn where they came from and ask questions.


-Group activities and opportunities to share can help students learn about each other as individuals and break down barriers.

-Varies grouping strategies help students have opportunists to work with all of their classmates.

-Put the classmates in a circle and make everyone state their opinion on a topic and remind the students "to earn respect you have to give it" so while someone else is stating their opinion don't make any comments because not everyone will agree with one another.

Student Involvement

-Ask students questions.

-Get  their opinions on some of the things done in the classroom to make improvements.

-Have students do group work sometimes.

-create conditions that enable students of various learning preferences and personalities to contribute.

Class identity

-A sense of community depends on students seeing themselves as a group.

-connections grow over time with the encouragement of a teacher.

-Classroom routines, traditions, and whole class experiences help strengthen these bodies.

-Have the classroom create self-portraits made up of objects, symbols and/or imagery that represent key elements of their identity

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