The Moon's Importance

Kelsey Compton
8th hour

The Moon's role

The moon is a very important part of our world. It is what effects the light at night and how the water changes in level. Three important things that are effected because of the moon or are effected to the moon are tides, moon phases, and the eclipses. The moon has very important things it does and without it they couldn't happen. The Moon's role is very important. The moon is overlooked and taken for granted in our world.

The moon has several different phases it goes through. There are eight main moon phases. The first one is new moon. Then it goes on to waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and finally, waning crescent. They occur from the moon revolving around the Earth. It effects us on Earth because the moon looks different every day.

The moon also effects tides. Tides occur because of the moon and sun's gravitational pull. The pull of the sun or moon make the rise and fall of ocean water. The two types of tides are spring and neap tides. Spring tides occur when the moon is on the same side or the opposite side of Earth as the sun, or new or full moon. Neap tides occur when the moon is at it's first or third quarter positions. The effect us on Earth because we see the tides change everyday.

Eclipses are another thing that happen because of the moon. An eclipse is when an object comes between the sun and another object. They are mysterious things occurring that don't happen everyday. The two types of eclipses are solar and lunar. Solar eclipses are when the moon comes between the Earth and the sun. Lunar eclipses are when the moon enters Earth's shadow. It effects us on Earth because the moon or sun looks different or doesn't look hardly there at all.

The moon is very important and to important to lose. Without the moon, nighttime would be almost completely dark except for the stars. The only tides that would occur would be from the pull of the sun. Terre would no eclipses for us to see and experience. In other words, you should not pass of the moon as a big piece of rock in space. The moon is too important for us to lose it

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