Marcus Garvey  by Devin Whitaker

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr was born on August 17, 1887 in his hometown of St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica to Marcus Mosiah Garvey Sr. and Sarah Jane Richards. He had 10 other brothers and sisters.

Marcus Garvey was considered to be a Rastafari but many but his religion was never clearly stated

He was a Pan-African Activist and a supporter of Black Nationalism

Marcus Garvey was self-educated, and went to Birkbeck, University of London, he was socialist who had an ever enduring love for Black people. In 1919, Marcus Garvey married Amy Euphemia Jacques Garvey and they had 2 sons together; Marcus Garvey III and Julius Winston. Marcus Garvey sites his dad as the main inspiration for his will to help the Black people in America return to glory in Africa. Marcus Garvey was a very important key to the start of the Pan-Africanism Movement and the inspiration for the Nation of Islam. Marcus Garvey came from Jamaica on a mission. Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association, dedicated to promoting African-Americans and resettlement in Africa.He had very intelligent ideas of uniting Black people in America just as the Jamaicans were, he thought that if the Jamaicans could be liberated then so could the Africans in America.

In London on June 10, 1940, t the age of 52, Marcus Garvey died after suffering two strokes after reading a eulogy about his death that was to come.

Marcus Garvey would've worked with many people to better the conditions of Black people living in the world and a few would have been; Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Elijah Muhammad, Huey P. Newton, and Bob Marley

3 Things You Need To Know About Marcus Garvey

1. He started the "Negro World" newspaper which had served the purposed of being a voice for the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League

2. Marcus Garvey's U.N.I.A.-ACL organization held its first international convention in New York City. Over 25,000 African Americans attended

3. In 1920, Garvey established the Negro Factories Corporation

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