Pakistan is in a time of internal conflict with the Taliban. The taliban has begun to wage war on Pakistan because of the peace deals they are in the midst of establishing. The Taliban have decided to target non-combatant civilians, even school children. The United States and Pakistan have teamed up to both combat militant groups from attempting to rise up and take power from the current centralized government.

I. The main opponents are the Taliban and other anti-Governemnt organizations

II. The United States

III. The tactics used by the militant group is to target civilians, while the United States and Pakistan resort to drone attacks to fight the aggressors

IV. The cause of the conflict is the unraveling of a peace agreement between the Taliban and the Governemnt. Also, the government launched an attack on a militant group, angering the Taliban.

V. Many protests go on in Pakistan to advocate for the end of conflict. The government also tries to actively discuss peace talks.

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