The Great Barrier Reff

by: Ethan Woodrum

The great barrier reef is located on Australia's right side.The great barrier reef is near the shore of Queensland,Australia.

That's a lot of animals

There are many types of water animals at the great barrier reef. Even birds live at the great barrier reef.Birds make nests on the islands made by the coral in the reef. Six types of sea turtles come to the reef to breed.Thirty types of whale,dolphin,and porpoise live in the reef

A big thing

The great barrier reef is so big you can see it from space!

The great barrier reef has about 900 coral islands

Ahhhh,I can get bit by a snake under water!

There are about seventeen types of sea snake at the great barrier reef.

What I Think about it

I think that the great barrier reef is included in the natural wonders of the world because it is the largest coral reef in the world and it is home to many water and land animals

a very old reef

the great barrier reef was found in 1770 but wasn't put on maps until 1800

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