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My name is Maddy Joe. I am 23 years young. I am anti- slavery, so I am part of the Union. I live in Columbus, Ohio. My husband is stationed in ??? I am staying with my parents because my mother is becoming very ill. Also, my husband is fighting for the Union in the War. My son stays in the living room every night, he can't wait until the war is over so he can maybe have his own room. My brother is staying with our parents too. He is a widowed man with no children, so he paid a large amount of money so he did not have to fight. (the dates that I am writing are May 4, 5, 6, 23, & 24)

May 4, 1862

Today I woke up early so that I could feed the goats before anyone else got to the farm. I decided that when I was done at the farm, that I would pick up some fabric from a little shop down the road. The fabric I used was for the war. I made shirts and pants for the men fighting. Everyone in my family was starting to get up, so I had to take a break and make breakfast. My brother and I take turns every other day giving our mother her medicine for the day. Today is my turn, Mama loves when I sing to her as she struggles to swallow all of the pills. Mama enjoys when its my turn because Noah, my brother, isn't a very good singer, even though she will tell him that he is. Just to make brother feel good! This afternoon I also had to go out and feed the chickens. Then I had to collect all the eggs with my son, Braedon. Half of those eggs will go to the Union army. I collect eggs twice a week, and always make sure some go to the Union. Braedon hasn't been doing well in Language right now, so Ms. Rightford at the school has agreed to give him some tutoring at 5 in the afternoon. While he was at tutoring I went to town and got some bread from a local bakery.        

May 5, 1862 (letter)

May 6, 1862

Today I cleaned our kitchen. My brother and I are starting to get worried about Mama. She is having a completely horrible time eating. Papa fell down the barn stairs today. He is resting now, he says that he doesn't want to get everyone upset, that he will be fine. Today we received some cattle. I was in  charge of putting them all in the correct space. Mr. Gerren says he is in need of some help getting some supplies to the troops, so Stephen, my brother, Braedon, and I went to help him. Stephen and I carried the packages, while Braedon walked behind us to make sure nothing was falling. I decided that when I was done, that I could make some fresh rolls to give to the Union army. Also, Mama and I have been talking, and have thought about helping the slaves. I think that would be a great thing!

May 23, 1862 (response to letter)

May 24, 1862

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