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However, elected before the final Golden Globe Awards for those fabulous players in the finals is fut coins If the spirit of sport as an important factor to consider, this hit Rivaldo did not stand a chance. First and Turkey before the end of the game, real flops he got booed, FIFA pressured into hastily fine, caused much dissatisfaction with the media.

Team management systems it is very important in the FIFAOL2 one bright spot from such a system allows many players not playing competitive out to find a more efficient way to make your team stronger, of course, it can't just like the console games, game quotes problem, you also need to you through the tournament earn points which give you the opportunity to strengthen the squad. So you have a manager was not found in a single player game, which also requires that you not only have a good head for business, also need to be strong and athletic physique. At least I feel that the team managed to play the game of diversity League system.

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