K. Cole

Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

The Telephone-1875

Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was important because countries could communicate with each other. It helped regulate trade because they could contact each other and ask if they wanted to trade instead of having to travel across the country just to ask them. Without the telephone people wouldn't be able to talk to each other and communicate.

AUtomatic Lubricator-1872

Inventor: Elijah Mccoy

The steam engine  was important because it helped countries trade with each other faster. Countries could put there goods on steam engine trains that had an automatic lubricator and it would travel to its destination faster than a steam engine train without an automatic lubricator.  THe steam engine also helped with immigration because people could send immigrants on steam engine trains and they would get places faster than on  a regular train.


Inventor: Christopher Sholes

The typewriter allowed people to send letters about trade to others. People could communicate and tell each other about how their country is and what they might need. They could ask others where they get their goods for the cheapest so they can save money. This also created a way to communicate with deaf people because they couldn't hear but because of the typewriter most people could read.


Inventor: Orville and Wilbur Wright

The airplane allowed people to travel faster which meant they could trade faster. They could send immigrants to other countries and trade them for goods. ALso, they could send people to do jobs for other countries. Airplanes helped regulate trade and helped improve and expand communication.

Automatic dishwasher-1886

inventor: Josephine Garis Cochrane

The automatic dishwasher allowed countries to discuss topics such as trade and immigration over dinner, lunch, or breakfast. The could do this more often because they could wash their dishes faster and easier. The automatic dishwasher saved time so people could spend their time doing other things than washing dishes.

Gasoline Powered-Automobile-1893

Inventor: Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler

The gasoline powered automobile helped because people could travel wherever they wanted whenever they wanted. They could arrange to meet up with other people and trade goods. It also helped the economy because people wanted these automobiles so they had to but gas for them. Gas wasn't as expensive back then but people had to buy it in order for their car to work. There were so many people buying gas that gas stations started to race the price.

Hand Held Camera-1888

Inventor: George Eastman

The handheld camera allowed people to take a picture so they could remember that moment forever. This helped them be able to record historical events better because they had proof of the event. People could look at these pictures and draw other images they believe it looked like at that time. They could also show other countries these pictures to show them what has happened to their country.

Levi Jeans-1873

Inventor: Levi Strauss

The jeans allowed people to have clothing to wear places and they could look good going places. This expanded the thought of clothing and it helped the economy. People wanted to buy these jeans because everyone had a pair and some people had more than one. People would buy more pairs because then they wouldn't have to wash them everyday.

Light bulb-1879

Inventor: Thomas Edison

The light bulb was helpful to the economy because most people had more than one room in their house so they needed to light all if not most of those room. Since people had multiple rooms in their house they had to buy multiple light bulbs. Also, once the light bulb stopped working people had to buy more to replace them all.

Ballpoint pen-1888

Inventor: John JAcob Loud

The ballpoint pen helped the economy and government. It helped the economy because people would buy them and lose them so they had to buy more. IT helped the government because they could sign important documents and write letters to other countries.

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