15 Ways To Style Your Bedside Table

A bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom. However, the room just isn't complete without a bedside table. Bedside tables not only implement a well designed visual impression to the room, but also provide a surface to place necessary items like a lamp, a clock, or a glass or water.

However, bedside tables all too often gets buried under random papers, books and remnants of midnight snacks. Check out our 15 ways to style your bedside table and transform it from a non-conventional table to a nightstand essential.

1. Balanced Bedside: To create a balanced focal point, use objects that vary in height and size. For example, a curvy lamp can balance a modern, boxy table while sculptures can add visual interest.

2. Complementing Colors: When it comes to decorating a nightstand, color is the key. But make sure to use items from the same tons of colory and coordinate them with the bedding. Try combining a beautiful blue room with a vintage wooden dresser.

3. Creative Lighting: Although a traditional lamp is a well-proportioned addition to any bedside table, a funky light fixture can certainly add a little extra design flair. Combine it with a fabulous art and a collection of favorite items.

4. Fresh Flowers: Fresh flowers not only add a hint of color to your bedside table, but it's nice to have something organic in your bedroom.

5. Jewelry Display: A pretty jewelry dish not only serves as a functional item but can also add a hint of color and texture to your bedside table.

6. Thrift Store Treasure: If you cannot afford to buy bedside table from a known furniture brand, check out garage sales or online discount sites to find the ideal piece.

7. Mismatched Tables: Bedside tables necessarily don't have to match. Instead you can choose to buy bedside table that are the same height and have similar finishes to complement each other gratefully. Complement the setting with a matching pair of lamps and similar accessories.

8. Wow Factor: If you prefer smaller pieces of furniture, choose a crazy color pedestal table - like for example a yellow one to make an elegant yet huge statement.

9. Calm Symmetry: If you decide to buy bedside table that matches each other, buy matching lamps too. Pairs can bring a sense of order to the room while keeping things visually interesting.

10. Be Realistic: When it comes about your space needs, keep it real. If you need more storage, don't be concerned to buy bedside table with drawers. Antique dressers make an interesting option.

11. Work it: A great way to utilize all the available space in a small room is using a bedside table as a desk or vanity.

12. Gold Accents: Shine and sparkle items are the key when it comes to 'lift' a space. Little gold objects can make a statement in black bedside tables.