The inventor of steam hammer-James Nasmyth

By Alexander Suen

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James Nasmyth, the inventor of the steam hammer, was borned in 1808 in Edinburgh and died in 1890. His full name is James Hall Nasmyth and he was the father of the steam hammer.From 1821 to 1826, James Nasmyth regularly attended the Edinburgh School of Arts.He was one of the first students of the institution. A steam hammer is basically a power hammer powered by steam, it is used for tasks such as shaping forgings and driving piles. It is arguable to say who is the real inventor of the steam hammer, because James Watt noted the design of the steam hammer in his patent of the steam engine on the 28th of April,1784. Later in the 19th century, it is also again arguable that who is the inventor of the steam hammer, because Fran├žois Bourdon in France and James Nasmyth both claimed that they had invented the machine itself. Although the original use of the steam hammer in nowadays has now changed, the steam hammer now has its new use for driving piles into the ground. However, compressed air is often used rather than steam. So, the format of the steam hammer has now changed from using steam to compressed air. A lot of air pile-driving hammers has been made then.


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