Project Mercury

By: Eva Theel

This is the Project Mercury symbol.

This is a drawing of the Redstone rocket ship that was used for some of the missions.

Parts: Escape rocket, heat shield, antennae section, retrograde package, and pressurized crew compartment.

This link shows the failure of the mission Mercury Redstone 1.

This is a video of a test for the automatic parachute.

This is the landing of Friendship 7 with astronaut John Glenn.

This is a collage of pictures from the unmanned missions.

This is a badge with all of the manned missions on it.

This is a video of a unmanned flight taking off, and landing.

This is a political cartoon about the Cold War's "Space Race".

This is an animation of what the pressurized capsules would look like inside.

This is a layout of the three different rockets used for the Mercury missions.

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