Wired Zapped and Beamed  1960's-1980's-1990's
Ja'den Mcdonald

The images that you see above are items that the world developed through the 1960's-1980's their were five new technology in television. They are Colored television  which means it's not black and white,Satellite delivery programming which means it is a Telstar satellite,third is a fiber optic  cable which helps improve cable,VCR format allowed people to watch movie and lastly is the Betamax format it's a VCR but this one is for listening to music[A music tape]

Now I'm going into give you a brief message about to give a brief reason why When and why PBS was created. PBS was created in 1978 and was supposed to be the video arm of CPB which congress created in 1967. PBS means Public Broadcasting Service

The items that were created in the 1990's were the digital video recorders, v-chips and closed caption.

The government established a plan a plan from transition to analog to digital transmission of the television signal in 1994.

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