The Rappahannock Tribe-ERL

By:Erin Landfair

This tribe as well as many others fished.


The Rappahannock Tribe grew and hunted many foods. Some examples are deer,berries,corn,squash,beans,fish,birds, guess what they even grew the 3 sisters! The 3 sisters are corn, beans, and squash.

This tribe again as well as many others lived in a longhouse.


There are Virginia native americans all over the state of Virginia.The Rappahannock Tribe is one of Virgina's 11 current tribes. This tribe is located in King and Queen County,Virginia. Virginia native americans of the Rappahannock Tribe lived in a house called a Longhouse. You may have heard of Longhouses from when learning about native americans in second or third grade.

Of all three languages this native american tribe could have spoken (Algonquin,Sioun,and Iraquoin) this tribe spoke  Algonquin.

The Rappahannock Tribe made pottery out of clay.


The Rappahannock tribe made many products some include; pots,basketry,carving,painting and more. Alson they used Bear Grease to make their hair smooth and shiny. They used clay for pottery. Basically, they used what they had around them to make resources such as food and clay for pottery.

This tribe made pottery as one of their products.

Before Settlers- After Settlers

The tribe  belived in guarian spirits. Warfare sometimes broke out amongst the tribe. They had weapons of clubs,bows,and arrows. They belived in a power called Manito.

Settlers came and with the settlers came nasty diseases like smallpox,measles, and other  European diseases. Fighting started to break out and many Algonquan speakers sided with the french. The Rappahannock tribe met Captain John Smith.


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