Civil Rights Movement

By; SaraMargaret Willoughby

The Civil Rights Movement was big years for African Americans. It helped make our country what it is today. Who led the Civil Rights Movement? Who helped make our country what is? You may have a lot of questions, but lucky for you I`m here to help you! Together we will learn about all the unlikely people who made a difference in this world!

Who was Martin Luther King Jr. ?

Martin Luther King Junior was the most important Civil Rights leader of all time. He has perminatley transformed all of the hearts of America!!! Martin was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta,GA. As a gifted young student he was accepted into the Atlanta Morehouse College at the young ripe age of 15. At college he joined a civil rights group and began working for fair treatment for African Americans in the US. Then King moved to Montgomery, Alabama in the year 1954 to take the position of a Baptist church leader. Just ten years (and many struggles later) Martin won the Nobel Peace Prize for all of his peace full protests. Sadly, Martin was assasinated on April 4th, 1968.

What was the March on Washington?

The March on Washington included one of the most important speeches of all time! The march on Washington sybolized that Congress had to pass a new law that protected black people from segragation, violence, and discrimination. MLK told his famous speech called "I Have a Dream", what he was saying in his speech was that he dreamed that when he died that the world would be a perfect one when it comes to black and white interaction. Martin's dream is almost to completion!

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