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As I begin to embark on my next educational journey, I hope to keep a running log of thoughts and events that spark my interest and potentially yours. It's these experiences that have and will continue to form my framework of understanding within the educational system. Understanding that learning cannot happen in isolation, feel free to comment on any or all of my posts. Thank you for reading my posts and allowing me to learn from each and every one of you!


It has become inherently obvious to me that the purpose of education is not about transmitting knowledge. Having the opportunity to sit in the back of classrooms with students, as one of them, has elevated my understanding of methods educators employ to inspire others to discover their purpose and potential. The common thread in my dialogue with students and teachers is a simple term ... Passion! The process of unpacking this term is where I have learned a lot and have much more to learn. Students often tell me that a passionate teacher demonstrates a desire and thrill for their subject, and constantly takes pleasure in acquiring further skills and knowledge to refine their craft. A couple of students were also quick to point out that it cannot be an internal passion, they elequantly stated that in order to light the flame in others it needed to burn within them both internally and externally. An element all students agreed on was that this passion cannot be faked, at least not long term as people would see right through it.

As I continue to unpack this seemingly simple construct I am sure I have much more to discover. Questions that still drift through my thoughts include ... How can we reignite a lost passion in students and teachers? What role do experiences (both positive and negative) have on a person's passion? How can the effects of such a variable be measured?

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