My Favorite Season

Jaden Klug

In my favorite season you can step out and hear the birds singing up in the trees. The trees blow in the wind swaying back and forth. You can hear the fire as it sizzles and cracks in the wind.

As you walk you can smell many things such as fresh cut grass. And if you walk along the sidewalk you can smell the super strong scent of sunscreen. You can smell the fires of nearby BBQ’s.

As you look around you see kids playing all around you playing all kinds of games like baseball or football. When you look up you can see a very bright sun beating its heat down on your face. You can see the splashing of the water in a overpopulated pool.

You can taste ice cold water and lemonade.The freezing cold ice cream. The delicious taste of freshly cooked and grilled BBQ.

You can feel the heat come over you like a wave from the ocean, but you can also feel the gentle breeze.

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