Killbear Provincial Park

The Best Place To Build Amazing Memories

The climate at Killbear can differ depending on the season, but late summer it rains quite often so you need to be prepared to protect yourselves from the rain!

Here you can see where the rock has been broken and decayed away shows some of the geology of the park.

Killbear is an amazing place to come and enjoy time with family and friends. To enjoy time in a peaceful atmosphere.

This picture shows just one of the many landform on the Georgian Bay Lake.

During your stay at Killbear you will most likely see a few chipmunks, scratch that... several chippys! The wildlife here will defanitly keep you entertained!

Killbear is surrounded in forest areas. Each camp site has the privacy of being surrounded by trees and plants. This makes it a place where lots of animals come to eat, live, and hang out.

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