Water Rocket

Engineer a water rocket that stays in the air a long period of time.

Brain storming


  • . The V-2 rockets were constructed under the supervision of Wernher von Braun.
  • The V-2 rocket used a liquid fuel consisting of alcohol and liquid oxygen to carry a 1,650 pound load up to 225 miles.
  • Lift is a side force used to stabilize and control the direction of flight.-
  • This is the force that produces lift-off, or upward movement of a rocket.
  • Drag is created by air resistance. A combination of factors affect the weight of a rocket and can include cargo, passengers, fuel, parts of the rocket, materials, and other items.
  • Weight is related to mass, but also includes the gravitational pull of the Earth.
  • The structure of the rocket typically consists of a nose cone, body, frame, fins, and other components depending on how the rocket will be used.
  • Longitudinal (roll) axis is the barrel roll.
  • The lateral (pitch) axis runs up and down.
  • The vertical (yaw) axis is side to side.
  • Thrust is the process that starts the liftoff or upward movement
  • The drag force acts through the Center of pressure
  • Drag increases with the square velocity
  • The center of gravity is the balance point of the rocket
  • Center of pressure is the point through which the drag force acts and any wind forces
  • The distance between the center of gravity and center of pressure is known as the static margin

The designs are built this way to increase stability, and static margin. The fins are heavier at the bottom to reduce the amount of drag. The goal is for the static margin to be greater than the weight of the rocket.

Selecting the best rocket
Results on rocket testing
Pictures of my final product
Evaluating and Testing
  • Design 3 works the best. This design stays in the air the longest. It also has a higher static margin, and is more stable during the flight and launch.
  • I would need to make my rocket lighter and have more stable fins. Then it would be able to work a lot better than before. I would also increase the amount of water pressure to make the rocket go higher. All of these things would necessary in order to be sold.

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