the impact on our economy because 9/11

three main points, clay franklin-the impact increased the economy greatly.

gold prices skyrocketed very quickly.

the economy will only be more expensive as the years go by. video- Jeffery lee information- ben renwick information- edgar delgado

three main points,

Edgar Delgado-Five months after the attack dust from pulverized buildings filled the air all around

NY residents had respiratory illness , depression, and PSTD

(post traumatic stress disorder)

In rare cases firefighters developed thyroid cancer

Nearly many 50,000 9/11 firefighters had wounds thats far from healing

Ben Renwick- the war cost tens of thousands of peoples lives and billions of dollars.

widespread hostility to the west

the decade since 9/11 must rank among the must rank among the most inept and counter productive eras in the story of the modern statesmanship.

Jeffery Lee- obama was sad of all the people that died.

He was worried about him and his family.

security changed drastically

It means that we can still come together and still have faith in our co

Jeffery Lee- It means that we can still come together and still have faith in our country.

clay franklin

this to me means that wee need to remember the men who dedicated their time and the men that lost their lives trying to help others in the tragedy.

Edgar Delgaado

that we should never forget those who risked their lives to save those in the attack that in every 4 good memories there is another devastating blow and even in our darkest time we can still be united

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3 years ago

ben renwick- It reminds me of the star spangled banner when it says "our flag was still there" it gives me new confidence in our country

3 years ago