training, leadership styles and appraisal

on and off job training- on the job is where your at the job to learn about it, off the job is when you travel somewhere else to learn about it.

On and off the job pros and cons:

PROS on the job:

-The employee can be given specific job training and can be shown what to do and as they practice under the supervision of more experienced staff.

-they’ll gain more confidence in their work as well as the trainer being able to guide them towards doing the job correctly and being on hand to point out any errors and to give feedback.

CONS on the job:

-the trainer could rush the trainee to get them up to date but that can cause the trainee to forget the working skills.

-it’s not enough that the person passing on their skills and knowledge is proficient in what they do.

PROS off the job: -more focused -less distractions -concentrate more.

CONS of off the job: -costs -time to travel -risks  -waste of time if not good.

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