Sir Thomas Dale
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What Role Did Sir Thomas Dale Have on American History?

     Sir Thomas Dale was a British soldier who was assigned to be the Virginia Colony Marshal. 300 troops came along to Virginia with Sir Thomas Dale. While he was in Virginia, his main challenge was to take charge of discipline and order. It wasn't easy coming into a new colony and taking charge, so he used some of the skills he learned as a solider to show he was in command. Some of the rules that Sir Thomas Dale enforced included, strict military codes, a workforce which ensured that crops would be planted properly and seeds would be correctly sown, and all livestock would be treated with care. Colonists who were disobedient to his rules would get corporal punishment or in severe cases, the death penalty. As the Virginia colony marshal, he ordered attacks with local Native Americans, which eventually lead to the first Powhatan war. Before he left for England, he established a new settlement in Virginia. He named it Henricus, after his patron, Prince Henry. Sir Thomas Dale left Virginia in 1616 and made his way over to  Masulipatam, India where he died in 1619 because of a fever.  Sir Thomas Dale was a strong and confident man, which may have been the reason that he is such an important person to Colonial American history.

A painting of Sir Thomas Dale.
A British Army uniform from the 1600's.
A flyer that was put up around England informing people about coming to America.

Sir Thomas Dale's Settlement

Local Powhatan vs. Sir Thomas Dale

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