My School Holiday

On the holidays, I went to the park with my friends, Alysson, Koleti, Susitina, Larra, Lara, Meera, Heera, Regina and Bailea. We went to the park near Eureka Drive and practiced our dance we had to do. After a while, we decided to walk back home but some of us went to Lara's house, I went to Lara's house. All we did was eat food and talk about random stuff.

The next day, I went to church with my family. When church was finished, I went to DFO Essendon with my family friends and went shopping. We bought a lot of clothes and I nearly spent all my money -_- I bought two tops from Dotti since there was a sale. After a while, we drove back home and had dinner with my family friends. We ate noodles that my dad makes. My dad's noodles are so delicious.

The rest of my holidays was spending time at my brother's swimming lessons, at Paul Sadler Swimland. It was pretty boring for a while but, I brought my iPad to kill some time. At the end of the week, my brother got a Super Effort Certificate.

In conclusion, my holidays were fun and a bit boring. I enjoyed my holidays, shopping and spending time with my friends.

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