Early Days of the Fighter Plane
Dylan Gloor, Period 8, 5/21/14

During World War 1 there were many kinds of planes used. Some of the very first planes that were used (1915) in the war was the Morane-Saulnier L and N, France used these types of planes. The planes that the British used was the Vickers F.B.5, the first fighter plane design. In 1916 they used even more advanced planes, such as the Luftstreitkräfte, this plane eventually lead Germany to using the bomb squadrons strategy.

The reason they used planes in the war was to make easier attacks/bombings. It was also easier for them to spy on the enemy because the planes were very quite when they are high in the air.

Planes had affected the war because of many reasons. One reason was that it caused lots more deaths, it caused more deaths because they are now able to drop bombs onto other people. In the air, fighter planes would shoot each other down. Air planes revolutionized the war because people at the time were trying to make even more advanced fighter planes. This increased the technology used in the war.


  • Some planes shot themselves down because of the synchronization of the machine guns.
  • Fighter pilots were known as knights, because they became popular heroes.
  • The first time we used machine guns on fighter planes was on October 5, 1914, when one