Medical Marijuana

by Marc Ayala

In November Florida residents ill be able to vote whether or not they would like medical marijuana to be legalized.


medical marijuana is said to be helpful for symptoms of cancer, AIDS, pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other conditions.

Against or with the movement?

when it comes to medical marijuana there are many people against the movement and there are people for it. Many people are against it because they say that it ill make it easier for youth to get their hands on it. People against medical marijuana also say that its not as healthy as it seems.

There are a lot of reasons that people are for medical marijuana. One example is there is research that shows that it is helpful for people that have used it as a method on cure or relief of medical issues.

One other argument people for medical marijuana use is that marijuana has never been the cause of a death whether they used it for medical reasons or recreational. Marijuana is said to be more healthier than alcohol and cigarettes.

where i stand

I personally would like Medical Marijuana to be legal in Florida. One reason is i have seen documentaries of people who are medically sick and use marijuana where it is legal and they say it helps them a lot. Another reason i am for medical marijuana in Florida is research shows that Marijuana is safer than prescription pills. Prescription pills kill over one hundred thousands people ever year and marijuana kills ZERO.

Political party

Democrats put medical marijuana on the ballot for november and would like to see medical marijuana legalized.

Republicans are against the legalization of marijuana and governor Rick Scott is one of them.

The U.S Marijuana Party is a large group of Americans that are fighting for the legalization of marijuana.

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