What an Espar Heater Can Do For Your Ride

For long-haul truckers nothing is more important than the safety, performance and reliability of their rigs. After all, if the rig isn’t running right, work just doesn’t get done and paychecks don’t come in when they should. That’s why an Espar heater is an excellent choice for auxiliary equipment to add to a rig. These devices boost performance while ensuring comfort throughout the long miles ahead.

An Espar Airtronic is an auxiliary heater that’s meant to provide warmth for the engine compartment and the cabin. When these heaters are added into a truck, they are designed to operate independently of the vehicle for the most part. This provides such advantages as:

  • Enhanced reliability – When an Espar heater is added onto a truck, cold-weather reliability can increase dramatically. These heaters are designed to heat the engine compartment and can even do so remotely. That means when truckers go to start their engines on cold mornings, the heater, if it’s given a chance to do its job, should ensure a clean start up. This is vital for those who need to hit the road on time on those cold winter mornings.
  • Increased fuel conservation – An Espar heater operates off its own fuel source, which means it won’t drain fuel from the rig itself. These high-efficiency heaters don’t require much diesel to do their jobs either. The end result is savings on those long rides when heat is a must inside the truck and during overnight stays in the cabin.
  • Reduced maintenance needs – Courtesy of their ability to operate independently of their rigs, Espar Airtronic heaters don’t require engines to run all night long. This saves a tremendous amount of wear and tear on the engine. For those who can’t afford a lot of down time for routine maintenance and small part replacements, this savings of wear and tear can add up to both time and money saved over the long haul.
  • Increased comfort – Keeping a truck comfortable during overnight stays can be difficult for those who bunk up in the cabin. When an Espar heater is added to a truck, this reliable add on will provide all the warmth drivers need to stay toasty when the temperature drops.

Not all truck accessories are worth the effort of installing. For those who ride long hauls in cold weather, an Espar Airtronic, however, is worth its weight in gold.

About the Company:

Lubrication Specialists is a leading provider of Espar heater models for truckers. The company has been delivering only the highest quality auxiliary equipment for professionals for years and is a trusted name in the industry.