Dean Tozer

Executive Leadership in the Global Health Care Sector

About Dean Tozer

With more than two decades of experience in global health care, Dean Tozer serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Cytomedix, Inc. The biotechnology firm focuses on regenerative therapies in the wound care market. Dean Tozer utilizes his extensive knowledge of the wound care market to help lead the commercialization efforts for the Company's innovative product - AutoloGel.

Mr. Tozer completed his bachelor’s degree in accounting at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Canada, and began his career in the early 1990s with DuPont Canada’s medical products division. He held various positions with the Monsanto division Searle Pharmaceuticals from 1992 to 2000, serving as its Tokyo-based director of marketing for a time. In this capacity, Mr. Tozer guided marketing capacity transformations that paved the way for commercialization of Searle’s COX-2 product portfolio.

Having led a biotech and pharmaceutical industry consultancy for five years, Dean Tozer joined Advanced BioHealing, Inc., as a senior vice president in 2006. Tasked with examining the feasibility of acquiring and relaunching a commercial asset, he helped raise more than $30 million in venture capital. He subsequently directed many commercial aspects of the business including such things as marketing, reimbursement and business development.

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