Dean Zanetos

A Veteran Hollywood Producer

About Dean Zanetos

Dean Zanetos is a respected producer and director with an extensive oeuvre of movies, live concerts, television programs, and music videos to his credit. Until recently, he produced the video of the Sonoma Jazz Festival each year, which featured top-tier artists such as Diana Krall, Herbie Hancock, and Natalie Cole. Dean Zanetos also directed the video accompanying Steven Winwood’s 2003 solo release “About Time.” In 2013 he produced the documentary "The Clinger Sisters - The First Girls Of Rock & Roll." From 1999 to 2004, he oversaw the production of tour videos for singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffet.

Currently his company, Broadcast 3DTV, Inc., holds a patent pending for the first "no glasses" 3D system available for all smart phones, tablets and computers. Mr. Zanetos has produced a number of NBC and ABC movies of the week, including “Hawaiian Heat,” which starred Tia Carrere. He also produced the 1985 NBC series “Misfits of Science.” This superhero fantasy series introduced “Friends” star Courtney Cox to the television viewing public. Mr. Zanetos was under contract with Universal Studios for several years, during which time he produced and directed popular series such as “Cliffhangers” and “Voyagers.” He also produced the “Battlestar Galactica” tie-in series “Galactica 1980.” A U.S. Army veteran, Dean Zanetos earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Denver.

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