Death of a Salesman



"I don't say he's a great man. Willie Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper. He's not the finest character that ever lived. But he's a human being."

Map of the Setting

Wikipedia                                           Brooklyn, New York

Death of a Salesman took place mainly in Willy's home in Brooklyn, New York

Arthur Miller

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Preview of Book

The storyline from this book is how the three main men in this story, Willy, Biff, and Happy,  all are not satisfied with the lives they lead. Willy was a formally successful businessman, Happy had a job in the City but did not enjoy it, and Biff peaked at high school when he was the star on the football team. Death of a Salesman portrays a story about these men trying to change their image. They are not satisfied with their current positions in life. This is a tale of how these men reminisced and tried to change their slumping lives.

My Opinion

This was a very interesting book for how short it is. I am not a particularly big reader but I was able to read Death of a Salesman very quickly and I liked what I read. For those of you who don't really like reading long, boring novels this is the perfect book for you. It's short, interesting, and a good read. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

                                                              Arthur Miller in 1986


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