Debby Zabludowski

Florida's Guardian Ad Litem Program

About Debby Zabludowski

Since the 1980s, Debby Zabludowski has played a role in Florida elementary school education. Presently, Debby Zabludowski performs as a reading remediation specialist with Key Biscayne K-8 Center of Miami-Dade County Public Schools and improves the reading capabilities of second to fifth graders. The recipient of a master’s degree in education from Nova Southeastern University, she commenced her career as a second-grade teacher at Feinberg/Fisher Elementary School. Moreover, Debra Zabludowski traveled throughout Dade County on behalf of Pearson Learning Company to consult and educate teachers and administrators regarding use of the firm's textbooks.

Recently, Debra Zabludowski applied to become part of Florida's Guardian ad Litem program. This opportunity will further enable her to continue aiding young children, particularly those in need. Created in 1980, the Guardian ad Litem program provides abused, abandoned, and neglected children involved in court proceedings with an adult who will represent their best interests. As part of her duties, Debra Zabludowski would visit the child, interview persons connected to the youth and his or her family, and report to the judge on her discoveries. Moreover, she has volunteered with other non-profits, such as Women's Fund, Lotus House Shelter, and Women of Tomorrow, over the past 20 years.

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