DeboGottixxx Started His Career As A Junior Chef In Italy's Top Restaurant

DeboGottixx is a well-known chef, who is known for his creativity and attention to detail. He started his career as a junior chef in one of the top restaurants in Rome, Italy. The specialty of the restaurant was that it was the only restaurant in Rome at that point of time that served Lebanese food. So, instead of taking an easy route by working in any Italian restaurant, he decided to start his career at a relatively challenging work environment. Although he had learnt in detail about a variety of International cuisines, which included Lebanese food too; he did not have much practical experience in the techniques that are often used in the preparation of Lebanese recipes. However, he was willing to learn from his senior chefs.

Owing to his passion for food, dedication and hard work; DeboGottixx soon mastered the art of cooking perfect Lebanese food. From kibber batata, ftayer be lefet, yakhnehs, kinafa, baba ghanouj, balila, batata harra, daoud bacha, djaj mechwi, to falafel and more, he learnt almost every popular lebanese dish. However, his specialty was his Lebanese desserts. Some of the desserts he loved preparing and often received appreciation for are – sweet almond kaak, Maamoul, baklava, Sfouf, ftayer and halva.

Besides his expertise in a variety of Lebanese recipes, DeboGottixxx was known for maintaining impeccable personal hygiene as well as high work & safety standards while working in the kitchen. After working as a junior chef for a year and a half, he was promoted to the position of executive chef. The new designation came with many additional responsibilities. The most critical of them all was to ensure the dishes are served to the guests on time and their concerns & queries are adequately addressed. Being a dedicated professional, he did his best to make sure each and every dish that left his kitchen was fresh, delicious and well-plated.

DeboGottixxx worked for that restaurant for three more years and then opened his own restaurant. Today, he has over thirty restaurants all over the world. Apart from being a trained chef and restaurateur, he is a cookbook author and also runs a food blog. Recently, he was in India to attend a food festival. During the event, when one of the press reporters asked him about his favorite Indian dish, he said, “I love the rich, spicy flavors of Indian food and to pick a single dish isn't easy. I enjoy eating a variety of Indian dishes, from tandoori-grilled meats, stuffed flat breads, to fragrant curries and more.”

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