Deborah Hunter-Harvill – A Dedicated Educational Leader

Deborah Hunter-Harvill is a highly qualified educational leader with diverse experience in leadership; human resources; curriculum & instruction; higher education decision making & planning; setting, implementing, and accomplishing educational goals & policies. In her career of twenty five years, she has received many awards, including – NABSE Phenomenal Women Award (2009); Michigan Chronicle Woman of Excellence (2009); Best Practice Award, NABSE Education Is A Civil Right (2007); MET Life Principal of the Year (2006); Marygrove College Distinguished Alumni (2003); and more. These awards indicate Deborah's hard work and sincerity with which she performed her job responsibilities throughout her professional career.

As an educational leader, Deborah Hunter-Harvill believes that educational leadership is the greatest single ingredient to the success of an educational organization and so one must strive to exceed customer expectation and professionalism within the school. Throughout her career, she has worked extremely hard to attain a 100% graduation rate, passing a mastery rate on the ACT, and increasing learning capacity in higher education coursework.

Presently, Deborah Hunter-Harvill is working as an educational consultant leader at “Hunter-Harvill Educational Associates, Inc.”, a company committed to educating youth in a better way. Here, she is responsible for the transformation of the lowest five percent of performing schools within school districts, public, private, or charter. Owing to her excellent skills and competencies like – strategic planning, educational administration, collaborative decision making, educational marketing, school consolidation, academic advising, partnership efficacy, relationship building, budget and finance recommendations, and more; she efficiently performs all her responsibilities. In spare time, Dr. Harvill like to read books. She also encourages students to spend their time reading good books at their school library or at home.

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