Loving vs Virginia .

In 1924 Virginia introduced the racial integrity law came in that you could not marry anybody that is colored if you are white.  Before that law came in it was, if you marry a slave and you are white you will become a slave too, even if you are white.

Story of the lovers was in a small town of Caroline county in Virginia.  Richard loving is a white man , and Mildred is a African american woman mixed with Cherokee .  Mildred got pregnant at 18 so they decided to get married in Washington,Dc in June 1958 .  They were arrested instead while they was sleep.  

When they got arrested the judge cave them a choice to serve a year in prison , or to leave the state for 25 years.  They decided to move to washing D.c .  then they wanted to go back to Virginia because they were missing their family.  So Mildred loving wrote a letter to attorney General Robert F Kennedy , but he requested that he contact to the american civil liberty union.

Since that ruling 40 years ago, interracial marriage has become more common, but remains relatively rare. Sociologists estimate that 7 percent of the nation's 59 million marriages are mixed-race couplings.

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