by: Matt Haubner

Should ordinary Civilians have the time of there life or not? Civilians should not be able to go into space, because they have no experience what so ever dealing with that advanced technology. If they wanted to go into space and have a good chance of them coming back in one piece, they would have needed the space training that astronauts have been doing there whole lives. If something goes wrong and they don't know what to do the only thing they could do is to pray. In this essay you will question the thought of having a joy ride in space after reading this.

Some people think it is awesome to go into space with not knowing whats gonna happen because that will be amazing to float in the air and do stuff like that. Well, you only get one life and that is a really dangerous risk. If you were to go into space not knowing what to do you better take someone with who does.

Another part of the reason is money. I would not wanna pay over 300 grand to go up into space for an hour or how ever long it is. If you wanted to pay that much money for a huge risk on your life you probably would have second thoughts. People might have to spend there life savings for that. If you go up to space and they took all that money and they take you back down, you have no money left.

I know it is once in a lifetime opportunity and it will probably be beautiful but its n0t worth the risk. You would need to be in the best shape of your life to do that and get in shape when you are up there too. If you don't exercise your bones will get messed up cause there is no gravity up there so if you wanna go up in space member be ready to exercise a lot!

Space Travel can be just plan awesome and have the best time of your life. My opinion leave it to the pros because if you like your life on earth you have a 50/50 chance ending it in space. For your safety i recommend you not go up into space unless your are trained or with someone who is.

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