Defining Luxurious Living Attributes

‘Luxury’ is the most highly misemployed word by the real estate sector in India. With more and more real estate projects coming up, the marketing play around the word ‘luxury’ is getting even more reckless.

To begin with, a 1 BHK, well furnished apartment doesn’t make for luxurious living. The very first adage to define luxurious apartment is generously spacious living area, which a 1 BHK apartment will definitely not offer you with. So, the question is what you should look for when planning to invest in a luxury apartment.

We shall take an upcoming luxury apartment project in Pune, Verde-Residence Collection, as our reference point to define attributes one must look for before defining a certain real estate project to be ‘luxurious’.


Luxury and exclusiveness go hand-in-hand for Indian society. Therefore, a project placed in exclusive vicinity definitely calls for luxury. Verde- Residence Collections is placed in the heart of Pune city giving you a posh address to flaunt. However, exclusivity isn’t the sole factor. One must also look for accessibility.

Floor to ceiling height

A factor quite often overlooked. If an apartment comes with floor to ceiling height of 12 feet or less, then it definitely doesn’t pass as a luxurious apartment. Also, low ceiling fails to lend opportunity for tasteful interior design.

Project density

Density is basically the number of people that will be residing in the project. This cannot however be one of the parameters but, more the people that many number of people using the exclusive range of amenities provided.


There are no defined dimensions as to categorise the parking area apt for luxury apartments. However, as per the general norm, the number of parking space available must be equal to the number of bedrooms of a particular apartment.


Now, we aren’t talking about branded elevator alone but, spacious and exclusive ones as well. There should be separate elevators for domestic helps and residents. Also, the elevator for residents must be big enough to fit in a stretcher.


When it comes to luxurious apartments, no owner really wants to experience ugly security grills front of their main door. Rather a dedicated human security rendering the assurance of safety to both their family and property under any circumstances.

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