by Hayden G.

    How to play football

     In football if the opponent has the ball you try to stop them from getting a touchdown or 10 yards in 4 plays. If you stop them they can go for it or punt.  The defense would send someone deep to try to catch it and run it as far as far as they can. If they score they will kick it off and the defense will receive they kick and the receiving team will try to run it as far as they can. If they score they can go for 2 points or 1 point.  They have a better chance of scoring 1 point than going for 2 points because it's harder. If they don’t score then they will try to score a touchdown if they don’t at least get 10 yards in 4 plays then  they can go for it or punt. There are 4 10:00 minute quarters in little league football.  In the pros, college and high school there are 4 15:00 minute long quarters. At end of 4th quarter the team with the most points win.  Or if the score is tied at the end of the game it goes into overtime until  someone scores.           


    In football if you don’t follow the rules there are penalties.  Penalties cost the team yards if you don’t follow the rules. Here are a few penalties - the first one is horse collar it is a 10 yard penalty and it is where they grab the player from behind the neck and throw them or hold them back by the collar. The next penalty is off sides it is where you pass the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped it is a 5 yard penalty. The next penalty is a 15 yard penalty and is when a player grab the other team's player by the face mask and either throws him or pulls him down. The last penalty is holding and that is when a player grab the other team's player by the jersey and throws him or pulls him down.    

    Offensive positions                    

    There are a lot of different kinds of positions.  We will start out with offense. The first one is offensive linemen (o-line) they are the bigger stronger people that make a hole for the running backs to run through. The next is the quarterback he takes the ball from the center and either hands it off to a running back, runs it himself or passes it. Next is the tight end he usually blocks but sometime goes for a pass. Next is the wide receiver he usually goes out for a pass but sometimes blocks. Next is the full back he is usually a bigger stronger player who runs over people for a couple of yards. Next is the running back he is usually the faster one who makes the long touchdown runs.          

    Defensive positions

    Next is defense and we will start out with the linebacker.  He is the one that reads where the ball is going, and either drops back for the pass or comes up to get the tackle the at the line of scrimmage. The safety is the farthest player back so if anyone gets past him it is probably a touchdown. The defensive end tries to get past the line of scrimmage and sack the quarterback and protects the outside. The defensive back covers the wide receiver and tries not to let him complete the pass. The defensive linemen are the bigger stronger players who try to get through the line and tackle the quarterback or the runningback.   

Tackk it up!