What are we selling? NOTHING!!!! The best part of our system is that we aren't selling anything!! what we are doing is working along side major companies to introduce people to try their products and services on a trial basis in hope that they gain more customers. For us simply referring someone to a particular company, we get paid $20-$30 Comminssions. But do note that we don't have to buy their products but to try them. How much does this Cost? Nada, Nothing ,Zero,$0.00, ZIP=100% Free These companies are willing to let people try their products /services for free (or very low cost) for a trial period. If they decide to keep the product/service. they will be billed monthly for that product/service. The trial can be canceled at anytime. However,a potiential customer should keep the product/service for at least 80% of the trial period to ensure they had enough time to experience all the benefits,before they decide to cancel. Do you have to give your credit card number? Yes the reason is because these companies are paying us on "real" actual people meaning potential customers. This also helps prevent fraud, they don't want to pay us on bogus leads if it's not real customers. Think about it, if you were paying for referrals would you pay on "garbage" leads? Do I have to have expierience? Nope anyone can do this. As long as you live in the USA or Canada.When do i get paid. You can be paid DAILY! Once you refer someone and they completed their trial offer, you can login to your MyCashfreebies accounts and request the commissions from the order page.How much can I make, How much do you want to make? That all depends on you. This system is designed for minimum effort and maximum results. There are people are making $100's if not $1000's working only a few hrs weekly. Can I work from home? Absolutely You can work anywhere you like, as long as you have connection to the internet. Can I sign up from my cell phone,tablet,or other mobile device? No You must sign up and register from a COMPUTER located in your own home or residence. However,once you're registered,you can work from anywhere you want! how many hours can i work? as many as you want. There are no set times and there are no set quotas to meet. You are the boss,you decide. So what exactly will i be doing? what you will be doing is very simple; getting traffic/people to your capture page. You can do that by posting ads on Craigslist,creating YOUTUBE videos, articles marketing,blogging,inviting people from FACEBOOK, Paid advertising, whatever you need to do to get people to your capture page,period! Once people enter their email into your capture page,the system takes over and does all the selling and telling for you, and the auto responder will automatically follow up with your leads via emails. And remember your back office will have the videos to help you and train you to properly. So just keep it simple.